About Us

Telangana Diagnostics Program started in January 2018 in Hyderabad. This initiative is first of its kind inhouse initiative where quality diagnostic services are provided for free to public. This initiative aimed to reduce burgeoning out of pocket expenses incurred by patients even in government hospitals as not all the tests are available, unreliable testing methods followed, lack of latest equipment at the premises and also unavailability of lab technicians that are trained on the latest equipment. While many state governments opted for outsourcing the free diagnostics program to third party vendors, Government of Telangana decided to build its own infrastructure and a delivery framework around it.

The delivery of free diagnostics has been a huge success and helped increasing number of footfalls at the government hospitals. When the program was initiated, it started with just 50 centres in Hyderabad taking up the services with Central Hub located at IPM premises at Narayanaguda. The initial sample load was below 2000 samples per day which were transported to Hub everyday for the testing. With word of mouth publicity, there was a tremendous increase in popularity helped the services extended to 319 centres in and around Hyderabad as of now. Also number of samples processed at the lab increased from 2000 to 8000 per day (400% increase). With the volume of work, Hyderabad Hub now operates 24X7 for 6 days in a week.

As part of the program, currently 57 types of blood and urine samples are tested for health issues. This is much higher than what any other government delivers across India under this NHM program. Along with this, 3 more radiology tests are being delivered across 8 Mini Hubs where X-Ray services, ECG Services and Ultra Sound Services are delivered. In due course, the mini hubs are going to be increased by another 8-13 more centres. Also Health Department is evaluating delivering free MRI and CT Scanning services in due course of time.

Health department is setting up another set of 36 district hubs across the state with at least 1 hub in each district. For bigger districts, based on the geographical conditions, two central hubs are also being setup. At some point of time, all the facilities across the state are connected to the nearest hub in delivering free diagnostics program across the state.

Since inception, this program garnered huge savings for public. Through Hyderabad Hub, if compared with any corporate hub, each year it delivered 15 Crores of worth of tests to common people while the program operates at a fraction of the cost.

Telangana Diagnostics has been flagship program for Government of Telangana and a lot of positive press received for the seamless execution of the program delivery.